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This thing called life

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If you want to ruin a song forever use it for your alarm

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there are millions of starving kids in africa and miley cyrus has 15 chapstick egg things 


did you seriously take the time to count exactly how many chapstick eggs she had before making this post?

counting isn’t actually as difficult and time-consuming as you would imagine

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parents who vaccinate their children without their consent are terrible parents, no exceptions.

parents who let their children die of completely preventable diseases because they think 8 year olds are capable of making their own medical decisions are terrible parents. no exceptions

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Someone got her first shower. Not too happy about it! #sadpuppy #corgi 1 noteReblog


I can’t believe I haven’t told this story but when cheetah girls came out on Disney channel my dad was obsessed with it and called himself Cheetah Dad for like 2 weeks

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Video: Roundhand Lettering Demo by Glen Weisgerber 638,506 notesReblog
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